Amazon Purchases: January 2019

Amazon Purchases: January 2019

What would we do with Amazon Prime, right? Each month, I will share what items I purchased on Amazon and give a brief note as to why. For transparency sake, this post will include affiliate links. You can visit my Amazon Shop anytime and see which items I’ve added to my various Idea Lists.

Amazon Echo

I am still skeptical as to whether or not she’s listening to me rant about work or tell my son to put his toys away for the eleventy billionth time, but who else can I count on to tell me to take out meat to defrost?

Zevro Dry Food Dispenser

My son dutifully wakes us up every weekend morning to inform us he is hungry. It appears to finally be at an age where he can handle simply tasks around the kitchens; therefore, cereal dispenser, it is!

Descaling Solution

I am obsessed with my Ninja Coffee Bar, but descaling is a regular, unglamorous and necessary task. I had previously used a generic brand but found I was still descaling on the regular. The reviews on this one mentioned it was more thorough — specifically for the Ninja — so I have high hopes.

Pant/Skirt Hangers

I swear by this style of hanger for my pants, skirts, and denim. I had a small collection already and when I decided to KonMari my closet I invested in more. This brand is slightly less quality-wise than the ones I inherited from my grandmother, but they do the job and look just as good.

Velvet Garment Hangers

These are from the AmazonBasics brand and I happened to get them as a Deal of the Day. I really like them a lot so far. They helped minimize the anxiety I felt when I opened my closet and saw 100 different style hangers.

Projection Night Light

My younger sister bought my niece this night light for Christmas. My son took one look at her room light up by it and he was obsessed. I knew I had to buy it for him. It comes equipped with a variety of colors, styles and speeds.

You can clickthrough on any of these items to purchase them for yourself or to learn more about them. I have purchased all of these items on my own and this post is not sponsored. Should you choose to purchase through my affiliate link, I may earn a small percentage of your purchase.

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Welcome to Prosecco & Planners!